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FAST 7v7 Offseason Options

As we gear up for the upcoming offseason, we are excited to offer two distinct options to cater to the diverse needs and aspirations of our young athletes. Below, we outline the key differences between our NextGen 7v7 League and our Competitive Travel Team to help you make an informed decision.

Can my athlete play in both programs?
Yes, they can do both but there may be conflicts with dates.

NextGen 7v7 League


  • The NextGen 7v7 League is designed to provide a structured and inclusive environment for athletes of all skill levels.
  • Focuses on skill development, teamwork, and game experience in a less competitive setting.
  • Ideal for athletes who want to stay active, enhance their football skills, and enjoy the game without the intense competition of a dedicated team.


  • Season 1 games are every Sunday from February 25th to March 24th.
  • Season 2 games are every Sunday from April 14th to May 19th.

Key Features:

  1. Skill Development: Emphasis on improving individual and team skills through practices and league games.
  2. Inclusivity: Open to athletes of all skill levels and experience.
  3. Game Experience: Regular league games to apply learned skills in a friendly and supportive atmosphere.
  4. Flexibility: Perfect for those with varying schedules; less commitment compared to a competitive team.

Competitive Travel Team


  • Our Competitive Travel Team is tailored for athletes seeking a higher level of competition, advanced training, and a commitment to team success.
  • Places a strong emphasis on specialized coaching, strategic gameplay, and preparation for competitive tournaments.
  • Ideal for athletes who are dedicated to taking their skills to the next level and competing at a higher intensity.


  • The 7v7 season will consist of a minimum of 6 tournaments from January – April.
  • You can view our schedule here.
  • Dates and Tournaments are subject to change on Schedule!

Key Features:

  1. Advanced Training: Specialized coaching focusing on position-specific skills, tactics, and strategies.
  2. High-Intensity Competition: Participation in competitive tournaments against other skilled teams.
  3. Team Bonding: Strong emphasis on team cohesion, unity, and a shared commitment to success.
  4. Increased Commitment: Requires a higher level of commitment in terms of practice attendance and game participation.

Competitive Travel Teams will be assembled no later than December 16th. This team will compete in tournaments starting January 20th for more info check out our Tournament page or click here.

How to Choose:

Consider your athlete’s goals, commitment level, and personal preferences when choosing between the NextGen 7v7 League and the Competitive Travel Team. If your athlete is looking for a more recreational experience with a focus on skill improvement, the league may be the perfect fit. Alternatively, if your athlete is prepared for a more intense training environment and competitive play, the competitive team program may be the ideal choice.

Feel free to reach out to our coaching staff for further clarification or to discuss which option aligns best with your athlete’s goals.

We look forward to an exciting offseason of growth and development!

For more information on our travel team click here.